Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jaxen's One!

Thomas the Train
Cute kids!

Ava gets so excited, Jaxen not so much

That's about all he ate of his cake

I'll just sneak a tad off the edge
My little man is officially one years old. I remember wishing he would hurry and get older but now I wish him a baby again. He gets everywhere and does not stop for one minute. He still is unable to walk and I am guessing he won't until about 15-16 months. He would rather crawl than even try. I don't mind but secretly I wish he would hurry up. He is getting pretty heavy and if I could set him down for a moment that would be nice. He is about 26 pounds and Ava is 30 pounds. We had a little get together with my side of the family. We had hotdogs, hamburgers and cake. Jaxen had a good time opening the presents but when it was time for cake I was surprised. I thought for sure he would dig right in but he hardly took a bite. He even cried, it was strange. Anyways, it was a good time had by all. My kids are growing up so fast but that just means I am getting old.