Monday, October 18, 2010

Little Monster

Jaxen is surprising me more each day. This little guy knows what he wants! When he wants it, he wants it NOW. He has quite the scream/growl that tends to get to me. I can handle most things but when he lets out this awful noise it drives me nutty. He is talking more each day, most wouldn't understand but we can. He says thank you all the time, so cute. He dropped something in Subway and a lady handed it back. "thank you". She was surprised and I was proud. I had to capture these photo's, the sub looks bigger than his head. No need to worry, he did not eat the whole thing. It was actually mine and he wanted it so I let him have it. Kyle and Jaxen are buds, it makes me sad sometimes. Jaxen would rather be with him than me. I guess if you spend all day with a crazy lady you would be excited for a new face. Jaxen loves his blanket. Ava never had any attachment to anything. Every morning Jaxen grabs his blanket and their off together. Ava and Jaxen fight like no other, it annoys me but they are getting better. I know one day they will be best friends. It is amazing to watch my children grow, it is happening too fast.