Thursday, August 30, 2012

How does the baby get in the belly?

How does the baby get in the belly. That is what Ava asked me last night. Instantly my brain went crazy trying to decide what way I should take this. Then I remembered she was 5! I told her it was a little seed in the tummy that grew. Then she throws in, what makes it grow. I told her when a mommy and daddy are married and decide to have a baby, the love they have for each other makes the seed grow into a baby. Phew, she was satisfied with my answer. I thought I did pretty good myself.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Golf Course Lot for sale!!!

I am trying to advertise everywhere I can. I tried facebook, kijiji, and the Herald and now I am trying my blog. I have no clue who reads it but maybe some one who is interested or knows someone who is will buy this lot of ours. We bought a lot by the Raymond Golf Course and were very excited about building. Life has different plans for us now and we need to get rid of the lot. The lot is almost half an acre and is close to the hospital, parks etc. If anybody is interested or knows of someone who is you can contact us for more information. Our number is 403-752-4336. Spread the word!!!