Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Time 2010

Ava's princess castle
Priceless Smile

Jaxen saying "car"

A few thank you's with hugs, sweet girl

Pure excitement

Ava's haul

Jaxen's haul



Chirstmas was good. I didn't get out of bed until 9:00am, what's better than that? I slept in Ava's room, woke up to my dog whining. I Went to wake up Kyle and Ava, they were awake watching catoons in bed. How nice of them to wait for me to wake up. Anyway, we had to go wake Jaxen up. That little boy likes to sleep in, makes me so happy. Ava started us out, she gets so excited. I love how her little face lights up. Jaxen went next. He was excited but I think he would have been satisfied with one toy. We would get him to try and open things but he just didn't want to. Kyle's main gift was a #4 hybrid golf club, whatever that is. He told me what he wanted so that's what he got. I also got him a few clothing items, he is running short of clothing. I got spoiled this Christmas. I got a video camera and a diamond necklace, I am a loved lady. After opening presents we made breakfast and just relaxed all morning. Once 2:00pm hit I was off to work. I was a little bummed about it but atleast I got to spend the morning with my family. Kyle and the kids went to his Grandma Shurtz' house for lunch later that afternoon. Then he hauled them to my Grandma Wendorff's for dinner. He is a good man! I got home from work around 12:00am hoping to watch a movie but Kyle was passed out. I suppose it is exhausting dragging the kids around all day. All in all it was a good day!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Show 2010

Ava has been in Musical Theater since September, she loves it! Every Thursday she gets so excited to go to Mrs. Roach's to sing and dance. I was a little nervous in the beginning if she would behave and listen. I think she is better for other people to tell you the truth. This past Friday was her Christmas Show. Again, I was nervous to see how she would do. I honestly thought she would be too nervous to sing and dance on stage let alone say her line. She did amazing! She was a little timid at first but once she got going she did great. I was so proud, I got little butterflies in my stomach. I think this will be good for her, it will give her a chance to open up and be confident. I am glad I decided to put her and I am sure she is as well.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm a Dog...

We have decided that Mikka our dog is going to be an indoor dog. It's taken us about 4 years to decide this. I often think about her and what a sad life she really has. We love our dog but she is large and very playful. She is the most loving and patient dog, she would never hurt anyone. She is great with the kids, she loves Ava. It has only been two days but I think it is going alright. She is actually lying beside me right now. She is busy around the house, there are so many new smells. You can already tell she is so happy, she loves being around us. The only down side is that Ava has decided she is a dog. She pants, barks and licks. Kyle thinks it's good that she has an imagination. I think she's crazy!