Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mr. McGoozers

Where did that name come from you ask? I don't know. I have called Jaxen that since he was a tiny baby. So that's that. Anyways, I love this little guy with all my heart. He's a little charmer and he lights up any room. His smile is to die for, it makes my heart melt. I have found that he has gotten a little left out. This post is dedicated to my Jaxen. He is now 18months and growing very quickly. He's running around like no other, getting into EVERYTHING. I found him under the sink actually eating dish soap. He is always one step ahead of me! Of course I have the child proof locks but I forget to lock them all the time. He still doesn't say very many words but he is getting better each day. You have to get him in the right mood if you want him to say something. Usually he just looks at you and laughs. He still doesn't say mommy, I know he can but he chooses not to. He says dada all the time and lights up when Kyle walks in the room, he loves his daddy. You may not understand him but I know what he is saying. He can say car, bubbles, baba, dada, attempts Ava, tractor, goodnight, go. That's all I can think of right now. He is obsessed with any kind of car/truck/tractor. He lights up and gets so exctied, it's so cute. He loves his big sister even though she beats him up everyday nonstop. Pretty soon he will be able to give it back. He used to lay down so easily but in the last week, everytime we lay him down he screams bloody murder for at least 5 min. I just leave him and he falls right asleep. Sounds mean but I don't want him to get used to us coming into his room. He truly is sweetheart and I love him so much. I think we are going to be buds when he gets older.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My little Ballerina

All ready for class

Lets get going!!!
My little girl has officially started her first dance class. I remember when I was in tap and ballet, not really but some memories still exist. I remember the shuffle step and my little pink body suit with bears and a big teal bow. Anyways, I am not sure how I feel. I am happy for her but my heart aches because I know she is growing so quickly. She was so excited when I bought her leotard and pink tights. She dances around all day and can't seem to get enough. When we woke up this morning I was in the bathroom and she peaks her head in and asks "is it time for dance today". We got dressed and honestly I was so worried about her hair. I can't even do my so how do they expect me to do hers. With a little gel and tons of hairspray I think I did okay, it didn't even go fuzzy. Her little friend Kylie is in her class so I think it makes it a little more fun for her. I dropped her off and she ran off with a smile. I picked her up 45 minutes later and she was already showing my her butterflies, witches and fairies. I am not sure what those are but I am sure I will learn soon enough. I asked her if she liked and she said "it was alright". She makes me laugh. Kyle then asked if she wants to go back and she said "maybe next week". Funny girl!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm falling behind!

Summer has been busy and fun. I truly haven't felt that we even had a summer as the weather went but we didn't let that get us down. I am only going to blog on one item right now and then maybe tomorrow I will blog again. I am going to focus on Medicine Hat in this post. I don't even remember when it was we went, maybe a month ago. Ava and I were going to go by ourselves for the weekend. I was excited to get away with my little girl but I thought it would be more fun with some girl company. I phoned Kristi and invited her and Ellie to join us. She accepted and we all met in Medicine Hat on a Saturday. I haven't been to Medicine Hat for probably 14 years so I have no idea where I was going. Kyle thankfully printed a map off for me and it actually wasn't hard to find, the hotel I mean. We stayed at the Medicine Hat Lodge. I had a free nights stay in an Executive Suite, which I won at the Magrath Museum dinner. We met Kristi and Ellie there and decided to go for a little snack at Wendy's. We then did a little shopping and I bought a new bathing suit, so cute. We then went to Kelsey's to eat supper. Ava was so tired, I wasn't sure if she was getting sick or just exhausted. She slept in the booth during supper, which was nice for me. She woke up, got a second wind and we were off to shopper's for some last minute items we forgot. We went back to the hotel and went swimming. They had 2 waterslides, a hot tub, a baby pool and a big pool. Afterwards we went back to our room to have a midnight snack and watch some tree house before bed. It truly was a nice getaway and I really need to do it more often.