Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rihanna Concert

I have always like going to concerts but as I get older I don't seem to go as much. I look on ticket master every now and then and the Rihanna concert caught my eye. I don't have any of her cd's but I hear her on the radio a lot. I like the songs and I knew she would put on a good show. I bought two tickets and knew exactly who was going with me. I called Kristi and told her to book July 6th off. The 6th came and I was so excited to leave my life for the evening. I left for Strathmore around 12:30pm and arrived 2 hours later. Ellie was sleeping so we finished getting ready and headed into the city. We went shopping for awhile and went to drop Ellie off with her dad. Kristi and I then decided to get a bit to eat. We went to Earls, where Kristi treated me to a delicious meal. If you ever eat at Earl's try the Jerra Curry Chicken, so yummy. We then headed over to the Saddledome where the concert was held. It is always so busy and I get a nervous feeling in my tummy for some reason, I always have in big crowds. I always think someone is going so steal me, crazy I know. We found our seats and waited for the show to begin. Kesha opened for Rihanna and it was actually really good. She is a bit strange but I enjoyed it. I also thought she would sound bad live but her voice was surprisingly good. Then Rihanna came out, the crowd went nuts. It was a very scandalous act, lots of skin and lots of touching. It also was a very dark performance, she has changed a lot since she first came out. It is up in the ranks for the concerts I have been to. The best part of the whole evening was being able to spend it with my best friend, Love you Kristi!!!

Look at those eyelashes!

Very exciting

That outfit went right up her butt, nice bum though!

All and all a very good concert!