Monday, November 5, 2012


This was Jaxen's very first time going to the Dentist. Jaxen did GREAT!!! Again I was nervous because he isn't fond of brushing his teeth. I didn't know how he would feel with a stranger cleaning his teeth. He just sat there watching TV while the hygienist cleaned away. He didn't even mind the fluoride. Ava has been a few times before and sat like a champ. I was proud and happy because my children didn't act too crazy. Also, it makes it easier on me so I don't have to feel like a failure of a parent. Days like these make me feel like I am doing alright is the parenting area. Other days are a different story but we won't go there today. Both Ava and Jaxen were cavity free. BONUS!!!

Halloween 2012

This Halloween was FREEZING!!! We started the morning out at Parent Preschool. This class is each Wednesday and Jaxen and I go together. This Wednesday Ava had to come with us because her Kindergarten class didn't start until the afternoon due to the party. She enjoyed it even though she was the oldest kid there. After PPS we went home and had some lunch. I dropped Ava off at school came home to take Jaxen to Kyle. I ran back up to the school to meet my parents to watch Ava's Halloween Parade. She looked so cute in her Dorothy costume which she picked out all by herself. After school was done we sat around waiting to go out Trick or Treating. Kyle wasn't able to come out with us in the beginning because he was writing a test in Lethbridge. We meet up with Megan Court's family and headed out around 5:30. It was cold, so cold the kids had their snow suits on under their costumes. I couldn't even do Ava's zipper up on her dress. They didn't complain but I sure did, my hands were freezing. Megan was nice enough to give me a pair of gloves, she is always prepared! After about an hour of Trick or Treating Kyle made it home. He came out with us for about another 30 minutes and decided we were done. It was dark and it was cold. We parted our ways with the Courts and headed out to do some family houses. We got home around 8:00pm and let the kids at their candy for a bit. It was a great evening but a cold one!!!

Kids in Motion

I didn't know what to do with my kids this year. Ava usually goes into Ballet but she didn't love it and I wasn't going to force her. Jaxen is getting old enough to start doing things but I didn't know what. I then heard about Kids in Motion and it interested me. Ava did it in Preschool as part of the school program but they cut it out this year. She said it was fun and she wanted to give it a go. It's a tad bit like gymnastics I suppose but not as hard core as WestWinds in Lethbridge which I liked. I decide to put Jaxen in as well. He is LOVING it! He is pretty good to I might add. I was worried but I always am with him. He either loves something or hates it and he loves this. They go every Friday and are having a blast so far. I am happy they found something they like to do and it doesn't feel like a chore each time we go. Yay for K.I.M!!!!


My dear sweet Ava is in Kindergarten. When did this happen? I cannot believe how fast time is flying past me. She is spunky, crazy, wild, happy, but the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Ava's teacher is Mrs. D'Agnone. That was my teacher when I was in Kindergarten and Ava gets a kick out of it. So far she is loving it and is on top of her homework. As soon as she gets home from school she sits at the table and tells me it's time for homework. I hope those habits stay with her forever. I love you Ava girl and I can't believe how fast you are growing up!

Gun Time!!!

I enjoy guns, I always have. My dad always used to take me hunting with him as a young girl. We were lucky enough to get a chance to go with the Court's. Kyle and I have no guns but Court's have plenty. This must have been at the end of August but I truly don't remember. Ava was there and she shot a gun but I must have forgotten to take a picture of her. I wish we could do this more often and I also wish I was a better shot. I hit a few targets but missed more. Kyle is actually pretty good but he's always good at what he does. Jaxen had fun with the pellet gun and Ava even hit her mark. Thank you Court's for showing us a good time!!!

Apgar 2012

We go to Apar every year. Usually we stay at either Whitefish KOA or West Glacier KOA but this year we decided to actually camp in Apgar. I like my hookups but Apar has none which makes it a tad bit more difficult. My dad was nice enough to let us borrow his generator so it wasn't too bad. Kyle's whole family goes as well so it's a pretty big party. It's nice to have his brother and sisters there seeing as we don't see them very often throughout the year. Kyle's parents went a day earlier than us so they could get a spot, it was a very nice spot. We went to the beach everyday and it was HOT! The water is freezing cold so it balances each other out. We went on some day hikes and went to Whitefish one day so we could go on the super slide. We have to drive to Whitefish each year just for the slide, it is so much fun and the kids love it. I love that we do this every year and the kids will remember it forever. I still have found memories of going here with my family as a child. I can't wait to go next year!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Swimming Lessons

What can I say about swimming lessons? They came and they went so fast! Ava loves the water and I had no concern for her. Jaxen on the other end is a tad bit sensitive to EVERYTHING!!! It didn't help that I registered them for the end of August, it was cold and windy some days. Ava adored her teacher and I might say had a little crush on him. It was one of the Snow boys and I sadly don't remember his name. She was fearless and I was surprised in everything she did this year. She truly thought she could swim and jumped right in the deep end. Luckily she came back up and was close enough to the end so she could grab on. She never tried that again but she is getting better. Jaxen didn't have such a great experience. The water was too cold and his teacher wasn't as enthusiastic to take him on. Jaxen cried and it was a fight to get him in the water each day. One day he actually said to his teacher in a snotty little voice "I don't want to". I was horrified that was my child. I was fighting him in the beginning but I finally gave up, if he didn't want to get in the water he didn't have to. Jaxen didn't even get out of his clothes on the final day. Luckily his teacher still gave him a treat and a report card on the last day. I am dreading it but I hope his fear of water gets better over the year. Here's to next year!!!

Ava lost her tooth!!!

Ava lost her very first tooth on August 13, 2012. She was so excited and she actually pulled the tooth out all by her self. The very next day the tooth beside the first one decided to fall out as well. She couldn't believe how fast she was loosing her teeth. There was a few other girls in her class that had lost a few teeth as well and was so excited to show them. The Tooth Fairy was quite generous with the first tooth. $10.00 buck for the first tooth!!!! It drops down to $1.00 after the first one. I can't believe how fast my little girl is growing up. Love you Ava!!!

Monster Jam

My little man LOVES monster trucks. He watches them on TV and is captivated by them. I was checking out ticket master and low and behold Monster Jam was coming to Clagary. Jaxen was beyond excited. I thought about all of us going but I knew that it would be extra special if Jaxen and his Dad went together. Every day he would ask if it was time to go yet and when that day finally came he couldn't hold in the excitement. Jaxen was hoping to see US Airforce but he wasn't there but guess who was??? Grave Digger!!! Kyle bought Jaxen a few Grave digger toys and a flag. Jaxen still plays with them everyday. It was great seeing my little man so happy and excited. I am glad Kyle and Jaxen got to experience this together. Definately a memory they will never forget.

St. Mary's camping trip 2012

We make our annual trip down to Kalispell every year. This year I was a little bit disappointed. We always go during July 4th but this year we weren't able to because Kyle's boss wouldn't give him the days off. We have been doing it since we got married almost 7 years ago. We decided since we were going to miss the fireworks anyways we mine as well try St. Mary's KOA. We had stayed there before but for only three nights. This time we booked it for 6 nights. It was fun but we were running out of things to do and ended up going over Logan's Pass three times. I don't believe that we will stay there again just because it is boring and also so close to Kalispell. We actually did a lot of hikes and Ava and Jaxen did so good. We only had one major melt down and that was from Ava. We stopped on the Pass to get some pics and we went next to a waterfall. Ava literally thought she was going to fall down the mountain. I couldn't calm her down but finally Kyle calmed her enough to stop crying. I guess the thought of falling down the mountain is quite terrifying. All in all it was a great trip and the kids are getting old enough where it's getting easier and more enjoyable for all of us. I love my family and am so glad I am able to do things like this with them each year!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Waterton Trip June/2012

Kyle had to get surgery back in the summer so he had a few days off work. We decided it would be a perfect chance for a family trip to good ol' Waterton. We were lucky because it was hot and there was NO wind. Waterton is a hit or miss kind of place which everyone knows. It's times like these that make me realise how lucky I really am. I love my family and I love that we are able to go to beautiful places like this at a drop of a hat. I LOVE YOU FAMILY!!!