Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grade One !!!!

Ava is in Grade One!!!! When did this happen??? I can't stand it, she is getting so big. I remember her as a tiny baby and now she is huge. I can already tell she is going to be taller than me, I cry sometimes. Her teacher is Mrs. Gilmore, she is pretty happy about that. She has a few friends in her class that were with her in Kindergarten. She loves school and I am glad she does, I hope it stays that way. Here's to a good year and hopes that she learns a lot. I love you baby girl and I can't believe you are getting so big!

Swimming Lessons

We didn't do swimming lessons until the last two weeks in August. Luckily it was still hot out for the kids and they didn't freeze. I was nervous because last year was a complete fail for Jaxen. He wouldn't even get in the water and if he did he cried. This year was the total opposite, he loved it. His teacher was great and got him excited to get into the water. He didn't complain to me one time and he even jumped off the diving board. I was so proud of my little monkey. Ava did fantastic as well. She is a little fish and she can actually swim quite far without a life jacket on. She jumped off the diving board with out one on and it scared me just a tad. She came right back up and swam right to the edge. I am happy with how they did and I am also glad they got teachers they meshed with.


I saw something on Facebook about a cheer camp. I didn't know if I should put Ava in it or not but in the end decided she would have lots of fun. Ava ended up loving it but she said to me that she would rather play sports than cheer. I couldn't argue with that one but it made me laugh. I was going to sign her up in the fall but one of the instructors might be moving so they decided not to have cheer after all. Ava was sad but I think she will get over it. She sure looked cute when they did the dance at the end for all the parents. Am I going to have a cheerleader or a sports player???? Only time will tell.

Kindergarten is over...

Little Miss Ava finished Kindergarten last May. She had so much fun and she learned SOOO much. I am so proud and happy for my baby girl. She has learned how to read lots of words and I can't believe it. I remember coloring in Kindergarten and playing games. I am so glad she is learning and also is eager to do the same. One neat thing is that Ava's teacher Mrs. D'Agnone was my Kindergarten teacher 24 years ago. That is awesome, we even got a picture to remember it. My baby is growing up too fast!!!

Musical Theatre

Ava has been in Musical Theatre since she was three years old. She has always enjoyed it and it was one of her favorites for sure. She was a tad bit sad this year because it was her last performance. Her music teacher decided to go back to school, she decided to become a School Teacher. I am happy Ava got to experience the "stage life" while she did. I think it was good for her and helped her to be more out going and not shy. I hope she takes what she learned and uses it throughout her life. We also want to thank her teacher and wish her good luck in school!!!


We always have a great time at the yearly branding of the calves. I get picked to give the injections and Kyle always gets to push the calves. Kyle wasn't here this year and he sure missed a great time. Ava and Jaxen are getting older and are starting to enjoy it a bit more. After branding we have a big lunch as family. It's a time of year that you can guarantee every one will have a grand time. I always look forward to it and I already can't wait till next year.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Jaxen's 4....a long time ago.

My little monkey turned 4 on March 11, 2013. We had the usual family over and had supper then cake and ice cream. Jaxen is so sweet, he just melts my heart. His squinty little eyes and huge smiles just gets me every time. My little man is growing so fast it makes me sad. He is my baby and he always will be. I love you Jaxen!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ava's 6!!!

My dear little Ava turned 6 today. I am sad, she is growing up way too fast. Ava is one independent little girl. She likes it her way, I wonder where she got that from??? We had our family birthday get together like every year. We had it at my parents house this year. My dad made some chili and my mom got the cake that Ava picked out. The party was on Saturday and on Sunday I took Ava out for lunch. It was just the two of us and I know she loved it. It is Ava's actual birthday today which is Tuesday, Jan. 29/13. I work today so Kyle is going to take Ava out on a little daddy/daughter date. She is so excited for it and keeps asking if we are going to get a babysitter for Jaxen. I love my little girl and she makes me smile. Happy Birthday Ava Beth!!!