Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Swimming Lessons

We didn't do swimming lessons until the last two weeks in August. Luckily it was still hot out for the kids and they didn't freeze. I was nervous because last year was a complete fail for Jaxen. He wouldn't even get in the water and if he did he cried. This year was the total opposite, he loved it. His teacher was great and got him excited to get into the water. He didn't complain to me one time and he even jumped off the diving board. I was so proud of my little monkey. Ava did fantastic as well. She is a little fish and she can actually swim quite far without a life jacket on. She jumped off the diving board with out one on and it scared me just a tad. She came right back up and swam right to the edge. I am happy with how they did and I am also glad they got teachers they meshed with.

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