Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jaxen's surgery

The morning started at 5:00am on July 19, 2011. That is early, I mean ridiculously early. I do not get up at that time but I knew I had to so I got over it pretty quickly. Jaxen had to get a little man surgery. Jaxen was circumcised when he was a baby and everything seemed to be fine. When Jaxen turned two he started to have some troubles. I won't go into detail but it needed to be fixed. We got to the hospital around 6:15am and I went to check him in. Nobody was at the info desk and a sign on the desk told me to go to Emerg admitting. I did just that. I asked a nurse where admitting was and he directed me to the correct area. I sat down and a grouchy old man didn't even look at me and told me I was in the wrong place. When people are rude I don't even give them a chance. I don't think, I just talk. It's a flaw of mine. Anyways, I was just as rude and Kyle told me I need to calm down or nobody is going to help me. We eventually found our way and we went up to 5C pediatrics. We entered peds day surgery, it was a small little room with lots of chairs, stretchers and cribs. Our nurse Shelly showed us where Jaxen would be staying for the day. He got a cute little metal crib, he didn't think the same. He was doing pretty good until we had to change him into a gown. He flipped out completely. He wouldn't calm down and I just stuffed his little arms in that gown trying to hold him down. That sounds awful. The nurse brought out some toys and he chilled a little. Then the weighing part came. We tried standing him, sitting him but I ended up having to weigh myself then with him. The nurse was finally finished with the pre-op and we could play. The porter came a short time later to take us to the OR. The walk seemed long and Jaxen looked terrified. When we got in to the pre-op hold there was a little wagon for Jaxen to play in. The anesthesiologist came to talk to us and asked some questions. He then told us that he was going to put in an epidural. I was a tad bit hesitant, it scared me. What if he got paralyzed, what if he got real bad headaches, what if...I got over it. I knew he would be in pain so I allowed it. A nurse came next to take Jaxen away. Jaxen hopped in the wagon and he was off, he didn't even cry. My heart sank and Kyle and I left the room. We went to get some breakfast and went out side for some fresh air. About an hour later we went back up to 5C to see if he had returned, he hadn't. We waited for about 45min and he pulled up in a stroller, how cute. He was a little tired and his legs were shaky. He sat on my lap for a good while and then he wanted to get out of there. He whined for a bit but finally sat on his bed and had some water and crackers. He seemed to be doing good but all of a sudden he started crying. He had just peed and it was burning. The nurse got him some Tylenol and that seemed to work for him. It was a long morning but it went a lot better then I was expecting it to go. He looks a little sore but it already looks a lot better today then it did yesterday. I am just frustrated about the whole situation. He should not have had to go through this in the first place. If it would have been done correctly the first time we would not be here today. I guess I will know better next time, if there is a next time.